Support and Innovation

BinHexS is offering a wide range of professional services in the field of IT. Its teams of highly specialized support technicians and system administrators are capable of intervening effectively on all levels of the technology stack (hardware, hypervisor, operating systems, network, storage and applications) and its project managers can manage and coordinate every phase of a project.

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Service Desk

Service Desk is one of the core services offered by the Company. It provides Level I and Level II support on a 24/7 basis, to assist on and resolve any hardware or software issues. The remote support towards all Clients locations in EMEA and NAM is directly provided by dedicated teams located in BinHexS HQ in Milan, Italy. To accommodate for cultural differences and to employ native speakers of local languages, therefore maintaining the highest standards of service, remote support to all countries in the APAC region is provided by trusted local partners, under direct supervision and coordination. BinHexS has dedicated teams, providing specialized support for corporate entities and retail stores.

Corporate Service Desk

The support service aimed at business users to ensure the complete functioning of IT systems.

The Corporate Service Desk is aimed at corporate users and provides support for workstation-related issues, guaranteeing the continuity of of service of all IT systems. The aim is to promptly address and resolve issues that can impact users’ operations, to assist them in the use of productivity tools and to ensure compliance with safety and security procedures. The service is provided remotely from BinHexS headquarters, through point-to-point connections or Internet VPNs, and can be reached via dedicated phone numbers.

servizio corporate service desk
servizio retail service desk

Retail Service Desk

The support service designed for chain stores: minimising inefficiencies to maximise sales.

The Retail Service Desk specializes on the retail world and its peculiarities: cash management softwares, credit cards and ATMs devices (POS), warehouse applications etc. It is provided remotely from BinHexS headquarters by a highly specialized group that, in addition to providing support on the aforementioned issues, manages on-site interventions for maintenance activities, store openings, closures, refits and relocations, and on the occasion of roll-outs, also handling subsequent staff training and go-live support. This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in multiple languages, to be able to support locations all over the world.

System Services

BinHexS is able to manage all phases of an IT project, from design to implementation, on all infrastructures.

To meet the needs of its Clients, BinHexS offers a wide range of services:

Datacenter Management

This is a service dedicated to all organisations that need to be supported in the design and management of the technological infrastructure hosted at their Data Centre and on the Cloud. It is provided both on-site and remotely by a group of highly specialised systems engineers and aims to complement the activity of the customer's technical staff both in terms of skills and service window, covering the range of 24 hours a day for the 365 days of the year.

Network Management

This is aimed at companies that are in charge of managing complex networks. The activities connected to it, carried out by a highly qualified team, include the configuration, maintenance and monitoring of local network and perimeter security devices and performance analysis, monitoring of availability and assistance in troubleshooting of geographical network communication lines.

Housing Hosting

Hosting & Housing services are aimed at companies that need to take advantage of an IT service provided through the use of the supplier's technological infrastructure, or through the simple placement of devices owned by them in the data centre of the supplier. The goal of these services is to lighten or even overcome the internal management of the IT infrastructure, while also being able to count on the availability of a highly specialised team of systems engineers for 24/7 support and monitoring. BinHexS data centres have been built using the most advanced technologies, in compliance with strict security standards. Remote access is guaranteed by a highly reliable broadband connection on both the Internet and MPLS.

Cloud computing - Private Cloud

This is dedicated to organisations that need to outsource the IT infrastructure while maintaining all or part of its management with the help of software solutions that simplify the allocation and release of resources, the implementation of new services and the automation of operations. These solutions can be easily integrated with similar infrastructures present at the customer's premises that use the same technology. By virtue of this integration, the customer has the ability to easily move the service internally or externally in a transparent manner, depending on their specific needs.


The Security Management service is aimed at organisations that want to outsource the management of their IT security. Its scope includes the activities of protecting the network from external attacks through the installation and configuration of appropriate perimeter security devices, the protection of the availability and security of data through the use of adequate antivirus and anti-malware tools and the application of corporate security policies in managing access to the network through the various categories of devices.

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

BinHexS offers its Clients, in the context of consulting activities, the services of design and implementation of Disaster Recovery solutions. In this context, the best technologies available at the various levels of the technology stack are used (storage replication, hypervisor replication, application replication) to obtain the best performance in terms of RPO and RTO while keeping the implementation and maintenance costs of the solution under control.

servizi sistemistici binhexs
servizi si staging e logistica

Staging & Logistics

BinHexS supports Clients in 360° management of IT assets.

BinHexS offers support in the management of IT assets, from the staging of hardware based on the specifications of the Client to the logistics, from order preparation to tracking and asset management. With a warehouse with equipped spaces and in line with the latest security regulations, BinHexS is able to ship all over the world safely and on time, also thanks to the help of industry-leading international couriers and a network of partnerships with local partners. The centralized deployment structure allows to quickly set up large quantities of machines and ready them for immediate shipping. The warehouse also hosts a testing and reconditioning laboratory that can provide a second life to hardware, manage wipings and dispose safely of old devices.

Technology procurement

The most appropriate hardware or software solutions, in the best conditions.

BinHexS is able to offer, by virtue of the partnership with some of the leading brands in the field of information technology, hardware and software solutions in advantageous conditions for its customers. 

Of considerable importance is the design approach and the consultancy that accompanies the supply, in order to guarantee the customer a satisfactory purchase in line with their expectations.

progetti speciali binhexs

Special Projects

BinHexS supports its Customers in the strategy of developing and strengthening their sales network, applying as a partner for roll out, new opening and refit activities in Italy and around the world.

BinHexS carefully follows all the phases, from the sizing of the project, to the delivery, to the training for the associates, up to the supervision of the go live.
Abroad, the company relies on the professionalism of local partners, able to provide synergistic support in all project phases.