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BinHexS launch the new website!

Corporate digitalization, technological and digital innovation are the basis of BinHexS’s work, that committed every day to finding new and better solutions for its customers, to ensure that they can focus on their business, with the peace of mind of who has a partner behind them they can trust.

For this reason, BinHexS decides to completely renew its website, with a new, more innovative and engaging graphics and an updated map to facilitate navigation between the pages:

  • the modern design allows a clear consultation of the pages, increasing the possibilities of direct contact, thanks to the contact forms .
  • the contents, revised to be more immediate, fully introduce the services and the world of BinHexS.
  • blue is combined with magenta, for greater contrast and a smoother reading of the contents.

Finally, a new news section joins the existing pages, to keep up to date on BinHexS innovations, events and useful information for corporate and retail IT management.

BinHexS’s goal is always been to provide concrete solutions to its customers through the highest level of services possible.
Thanks to the new website, everything is clearer and more direct, making communication with all customers easier.

Happy surfing, from BinHexS.

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