Perché un buon service desk serve a migliorare produttività e sicurezza

How a good service desk improves productivity and security

Within a company, a service desk plays a central role in solving user problems related to systems and applications, and improving productivity and data security

When we need to obtain more continuity and performance from IT operations, our thoughts turn to modern load balancing softwares, cloud services, and orchestrators capable of shifting workloads to prevent interruptions and drops in performance. On the security front, advanced tools open or close communication channels, and distinguish load peaks from anomalous situations attributable to policy violations or cyber-attacks.

When learning about the process that leads to IT automation, we must not forget the central role of the service desk as a link between the technological side of a company and the human element, which is fundamental for addressing the difficulties that arise from the interaction with users, and suggesting solutions that improve productivity and security.

The service desk is not just the landing point of problems, where technical teams are mobilized to restore the functionality of company services. It is the collection center for feedback that is used to find inefficiencies in the interactions between systems, software, and services – components that are often completely functional, taken individually to reduce security risks by closing the gaps that are hidden in connections.

A service desk must initiate remedial actions as quickly as possible following the report, for example, of an application crash, a loss of credentials, or the damage of a portable device or its data.

Over time, it must help to find solutions to recurring problems, identify structural weaknesses in IT services, processes, organization, training… In short, a service desk identifies where it is appropriate to concentrate improvements to obtain more productivity and security.

BinHexS has extensive experience in voice-data service desk solutions to assist business users in the effective and secure use of workstations and leading productivity software tools.

Centrally delivered by BinHexS to client companies of all sizes and sectors, the service reaches users’ workstations through point-to-point connections or VPN tunnels via the Internet. With the Retail Service Desk vertical package, BinHexS provides the service on a 24×7 basis, including support for cash registers, POS, sales/warehouse applications, and staff training.

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