convergenza e iperconvergenza

Advantages of hyperconvergence for systems management automation

What characterizes converged and hyperconverged infrastructures, and why they represent the evolution of the data center’s defined software and cloud management

Converged and hyperconverged infrastructures represent the pinnacle of modern data center’s evolution, bringing the automation, scalability and provisioning capabilities boasted by large cloud service providers into the corporate IT economy.

Servers, storage, networking equipment and virtualization technologies cooperate in an efficient and automated way, helping IT teams deal with the most tedious low-level resource management tasks, allowing for more time to be dedicated to the application needs of the lines of business.

Convergence and hyperconvergence represent, in summary, the realization of the concepts of Software Defined Data Center (SD-DC) where the traditional manual IT processes are entrusted to software tools and virtualized hardware with advantages in terms of efficiency, performance, but above all speed in the deployment of new applications and services.

In converged systems, the set of resources is managed by a hypervisor by aggregating the individual functional nodes into a federated system that can include both local and distributed components, for example, to have backup and disaster recovery capabilities.

Convergence and hyperconvergence centralize and standardize the ways of accessing resources, facilitating the movement of workloads where it is more useful or convenient to run them.

On the hardware side, hyperconverged systems benefit from a specific modular design that exploits the potential of industry standard technologies (x86) to the maximum to support granular increases in processing, storage and network capacities with lower investments compared to traditional systems. integrated. In hyperconverged systems, balancing, failover and data security are an integral part of the infrastructure with advantages in terms of reliability and overall efficiency.

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