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How to address the endpoint security problem

With the spread of online work as a tool for modern business flexibility and protection during a pandemic emergency, endpoint security has become crucial for productivity and business continuity.

PCs, tablets, smartphones owned by the company and by employees (Byod), but also public kiosks, IoT sensors, IP video surveillance systems and so on expanded the physical perimeter of the company network, multiplying the potential attack fronts by cybercriminals.

According to data from the latest Clusit report, in Italy were 1871 serious incidents in 2020 (+ 12% compared to the previous year) of which 81% attributable to cybercrime and 14% to deliberate espionage or sabotage actions.

Data leaks and ransomware attacks (malware that seize data with encryption for the purpose of ransom) caused economic and reputational damage to companies from all sectors and sizes. Well managed endpoint protection platforms (Epp from Endpoint Protection Platform) can significantly reduce network risks. First of all by preventing the theft of company data, always important even when they do not concern the aspects of privacy, protected by the Gdpr, detecting compromises in real time, blocking compromised devices and allowing administrators to apply the most appropriate measures.

Endpoint protection offers defense from threats with already known characteristics and from zero-day ones, which means appearing for the first time. Protection capabilities extend to software vulnerability exploits, including blocking access to systems that lack security patches or important updates (often with associated automatic functions for software distribution and recovery).

Among the advanced capabilities there is behavioral analysis that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques to identify abnormal uses, even by users with legitimate credentials.

Finally, to be effective, the platform must not be too heavy on the performance of the device and not complicate the life of administrators, with the use of multiple consoles or deep checks on false positives or negatives.

With the Security Management service, BinHexS offers a complete solution for company managed security, using antivirus, anti-malware, policy enforcement and access control tools for the most different devices. The service is added to the BinHexS consulting and implementation capabilities in the field of business continuity.

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