Virtualizzazione delle reti aziendali

The state of the art of network virtualization

Virtualized software-defined LAN and WAN networks accompany the evolution of IT towards modern flexible, efficient and automated infrastructures

Networks are the backbone of modern data centers because they connect the company with the outside world, with its customers and suppliers.

The ability to rapidly activate collaborations with third parties, to use modern cloud services to safeguard data or to access advanced analytical and application capabilities in Saas mode largely depends on the efficiency, but also on the flexibility of the networks. (software as-a-service).

The biggest step forward in networking flexibility today is the virtualization of networks which allows operators to configure console connections and services quickly and with a high level of abstraction. In fact, software-programmable LANs and WANs accompany the evolution of IT towards modern software-defined data center infrastructures, i.e. completely virtualized, in which the provisioning of resources for the provision of new user services or for simple experiments becomes a matter of minutes.

In addition to ease of configuration, software-defined LANs and WANs allow for a high level of automation with the advantage of being able to have an infrastructure that dynamically adapts to service needs.

The elimination of manual operations avoids delays and configuration errors that are causes of malfunctions and security vulnerabilities in which cybercriminals can creep.

The fact of operating on infrastructures with a higher level of abstraction allows IT teams to improve the organization, pooling people’s skills and freeing up time in favor of the problems of value for the corporate business.

On the WAN front, in particular, automation facilitates relationships with carriers by allowing the provision and payment of only the necessary services, for the time of use.

Software-defined networks help business resilience both in terms of security and disaster recovery, benefiting the most dynamic companies in the business in opening new branches / stores as well as in launching initiatives aimed at consumers.

BinHexS has the design and management capabilities to modernize and make networks flexible in the context of increasingly interconnected and automated data centers.

The offer is completed by network management services for the management of complex networks that include the configuration, maintenance and monitoring of network devices, perimeter security, performance and assistance in troubleshooting.

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