The Software-Defined Logic in the Future Evolution of the Data Center

The data center is today affected by major changes under the joint thrust of technological evolution and the increasingly frequent need to integrate external resources and keep up with the economic comparison with the services already available in the cloud.

The need for speed in provisioning, simplicity and cost-effectiveness of management are also promoting the architectures and methodologies used successfully by large internet providers within data centers.

Hyperconverged hardware infrastructures, standardized methods to accompany software code with IT requirements through infrastructure-as-a-code (IaC) logics have made software-defined data centers (SDDCs) a reality. that IT teams can manage with a higher level of abstraction.

According to analysts from Allied Market Research, the global SDDC market will reach the value of 139 billion dollars in the next year confirming the average growth (CAGR) of 32% of the last 5 years.

With the SDDC it becomes possible to standardize and simplify the ordinary management and resource provisioning processes in the data center. It becomes possible to take advantage of automated policy-based procedures, operating both at the processing and storage and networking levels.

Procedural standardization and centralization of management make it possible to cope with the greater complexities that today derive from a mixed use of internal data center resources and external cloud IaaS (infrastructure as-a-service) resources.

A situation that is increasingly common with modern business applications and that requires a very effective governance of both physical and service components, also from a multicloud perspective.

Being able to model the infrastructure via software is functional to the use of advanced methodologies such as DevOps that speed up application development, testing and deployment. Being able to put application code, deployment requirements and configurations on software-defined infrastructures on the DevOps assembly line gives great advantages in terms of speed, quality and security.

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