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BinHexS experiences and success stories in the provision of IT and cash services for foreign retail stores of major Italian fashion and luxury brands

The opening or renovation of a store are events of great importance for fashion companies, an opportunity to get in touch with new customers willing to appreciate the creativity and originality of Made in Italy, even in the most distant geographies. Events that must be prepared in terms of in-store IT services, cash and payment systems to ensure that the shopping experience is up to the mark and continues to be so with the passage of time and technological changes .

A condition that we are well aware of when we work with luxury brands – explains Giuseppe Scafuri, BinHexS retail service desk manager – in companies where time-to-market and the reliability of IT tools in stores located in different countries and continents are more critical”.

This is the case of a large Italian brand that has chosen BinHexS as a partner for the installation, maintenance and help desk of the IT and cash systems of its stores.

A brand with which we have been working since 1994 and which has chosen us to support IT roll-outs in 107 stores in the Asia-Pacific area“.

A challenging task for BinHexS, to be completed within three months and including sourcing, hardware installations, Oracle Xstore store management software, then operator training and support.

Challenging above all for the very high expectations of the customer, the geographical, regulatory and even linguistic differences of the countries where the stores are located”.

BinHexS tackled the task by creating a local project support structure, based in Shanghai, with a product manager and a service desk with around twenty people who could speak in English, Chinese, Korean and Malaysian.

A structure suitable for coordinating the action of third-party technicians selected locally and sent to stores to inventory existing hardware and manage updates and installations. Installations on systems purchased and pre-configured at a local warehouse to reduce risks and manage operations without any shop downtime”.

With the technical roll-outs and staff training completed, the BinHexS facility in Shanghai continues to make its contribution in supporting store staff and remote systems management.

The partnership with BinHexS, active at the level of help desk services and store infrastructure management, aims to ensure continuity and quality of services. Rapid intervention capabilities and centralized systems management ensure that the emergence of a problem in Europe, Asia or even overseas contributes to creating effective or preventive solutions for other stores“.

A useful condition to contrast cyber attacks and to maintain operational performance at the highest levels. BinHexS services also give the customer the best visibility into what is happening in the sales network for the benefit of business governance.

We don’t work in a closed box! We report service desk interventions and service levels to the customer. In this way, the customer can decide how to better address recurring problems, both relating to systems and to the store staff. The network connections, on which BinHexS carries out monitoring and maintenance, ensure the continuous updating of the parent company on sales trends and a more direct governance of its business than in the past, mediated by local exchanges“.

The roll out process that BinHexS has carried out in Asia has been replicated in the past months in Japan and in the 37 US stores of the Italian brand. The latter operation was carried out last year in two months, in the most difficult moments of the Covid pandemic.

A task carried out entirely with local technicians, without having to move our staff or the customer’s from Italy. Another occasion in which we showed customers the ability of BinHexS to tackle complex projects in distant geographies, respecting deadlines, service levels as well as proactivity in all innovations capable of improving efficiency and services“, concludes Scafuri.

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