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Cybersecurity: how to defend against old and new threats

Ransomware, phishing and other threats can do serious damage to businesses if they don’t take advantage of time to update tools, processes and skills. Let’s see together how

The security of corporate networks and data is now an emergency worldwide, both due to the increasing economic dependence on digital systems and the level of industrialization achieved by cybercrime.

As the newspaper reports tell us, ransomware, phishing and other threats are causing enormous damage everywhere by taking advantage of the opportunities created by teleworking, by using cloud services, but above all by failure to update people’s tools, processes, policies and skills.

According to the Clusit 2021 report on ICT security in Italy, end-points and end-users were an easy target in the more than 19,000 attacks recorded this year. Malware ranks first (42%) followed by unidentified attacks (20%), phishing / social engineering (15%) and targeted hardware/software vulnerabilities (10%).

In the area of ​​malware, ransomware made up the lion’s part (67% of attacks); a threat that in recent months has hit large public bodies, associations and companies of all sizes (with the seizure of data by encryption and ransom requests).

According to experts, the first line of defense is represented by the attention given to security. You are not out of danger just because you do not own a famous brand or do not process data of economic value.

As the news shows, everyone can end up in the crosshairs of mass-produced attacks, with tools accessible on the dark web, even as on-demand services. The stolen information becomes a bargaining chip for criminals and can be used for targeted attacks on both the company and its suppliers and customers.

The second line of defense concerns the adoption of the most appropriate measures, considering cybersecurity a problem that is not confined to the IT sphere, but which has implications on the continuity of the business, on the legal responsibilities of the company and on the image towards customers.

It is no coincidence that in the latest survey by the Digital Transformation Academy Observatory of the Politecnico di Milano, cybersecurity has risen from second to first place among the investment priorities of the 140 leading companies of the Italian market.

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