The evolution of the Service Desk in the business support logic

From the help desk to the Service Desk: how the evolution of IT support services to users meet the needs of new digital businesses

When it comes to IT services, there is often confusion between IT Service Desk and IT Help Desk. According to the definitions of ITIL (the Information Technology Infrastructure Library which contains the best known best practices in the field of IT services), the Service Desk is the point of contact between the user and the service provider, a centralized reference for the skills that they serve to solve problems and manage new needs.

The Service Desk centralizes communications with users and acts as a starting point for the activities that serve to fulfill requests in the shortest possible time. In an IT world where human work is increasingly qualified and valuable, the Service Desk can also include services provided in self-service, for example, for the resolution of common problems, such as the recovery of access credentials.

The Service Desk is in fact the evolution of the traditional help desk in the logic of an IT devoted to business support services. Where, in the past, users referred to the help desk to solve operating and assistance problems on the systems, the Service Desk plays a more strategic role, which combines the resolution of faults with the evolutionary management of user needs. identifying the solutions to address them.

The future evolution of the Service Desk promises developments in the ability to help the synergy between IT services, corporate business and people, both through the enhancement of self-service and knowledge management functions and through the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies.

The Service Desk will become increasingly capable of demonstrating the business value created by IT services and predicting the benefits achievable through new solutions and services. The capabilities to support business changes accompany those to improve people’s productivity through automation, understanding and preventing their needs.

Specialized in voice-data Service Desks, BinHexS assists companies of all sizes in the effective use of software systems and tools. The service, offered remotely through secure point-to-point connections or VPN tunnels via the Internet, is also offered with the Retail Service Desk vertical package which provides support on a 24×7 basis extended to cash, POS, sales / warehouse applications and for staff training.

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