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How to redesign security in hybrid containerized IT environments

Why the automation of IT management in hybrid and multicloud environments through containers and orchestrators requires a deep security review

Those who make decisions at the corporate IT level today need to speed up software deployment processes and the movement of workloads in hybrid data centers, in order to better exploit the services provided by cloud providers.

The digitization of businesses and the dynamism required in the provision of IT services make the productivity problems of the teams more evident, already aggravated by the introduction of the new microservices software (which replaces the old monolithic applications with many functional components managed independently).

These conditions exponentially increase the workloads of IT teams unless they resort to containerization, i.e. the use of logical structures that encapsulate software and configurations in systemsindependent containers, managed in an automated manner through orchestrators.

Among the technologies in these areas we find Docker (for containers) and Kubernetes (for orchestration), open source tools on which tools of all kinds are based, to facilitate the management of individual applications in containers from the console, as well as entire corporate information infrastructures.

These resources increase IT productivity, change the way teams work, and likewise make it necessary to review security management. Starting with the checks on the logical integrity of the containers and on the security update of the software components used inside.

It is also necessary to translate security into an “as-a-code” logic to ensure that it accompanies business applications with the same automation and productivity prerogatives offered by containers and orchestrators.

Traditional security approaches would constitute bottlenecks, lending their side to discontinuity in protections and possible human errors. BinHexS combines the consulting and implementation skills that are needed for the modernization of data centers in hybrid logic.

BinHexS helps customers simplify and automate deployment and movement of application workloads in on-premise and multicloud environments with attention to the required levels of security.