Introduce cloud-native logic for application and IT innovation

The adoption of virtualized IT infrastructures and cloud-native software logics make the data center competitive with the services provided in the cloud

The effectiveness of corporate information systems today has a natural ground for comparison (and competition) in the services provided by cloud providers.

Economics of management, flexibility, scalability and speed of change often see cloud services advantage over those offered by the corporate data center due to the adoption of modern cloud-native logic, both in terms of infrastructure management and application architectures.

Adopting cloud-native logic means exploiting, in the best possible way, the resources of the data center through virtualized and software-defined infrastructures capable of automating both the provisioning processes and the software deployments, including the need to move workloads.

A goal that requires interventions at the software level, both by placing existing applications in containers to make them easy to manage using orchestrators and by modernizing their architecture through microservices.

Redesigning business applications to microservices means breaking their functional capabilities into many independent software components, communicating over the network via Api, both with each other and with other third-party components or in the cloud.

This allows microservices to be easily updated and scaled in power and therefore to support flexible applications, which can be dismantled and reassembled as in a Lego according to the emergence of new needs.

The joint use of microservices and modern virtualized IT infrastructures makes it possible to apply the DevOps and DevSecOps methodologies with which today it is possible to ensure the rapid translation of user requests into more effective and secure information supports.

BinHexS has gained significant experience in data center modernization projects involving both architectural design and implementation in traditional and hybrid multicloud areas.

BinHexS also has data center management services in its portfolio provided on a local and remote basis, with the ability to supervise the service desk on a 24×7 basis.

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