The Perspectives Of Hyperconvergence For The Evolution Of The Data Center

Hyperconverged systems are profoundly changing the way we operate in modern data centers. These architectures, which integrate the CPU, storage and networking resources into a unified management layer, offer multiple advantages in terms of flexibility and efficiency of use of the available hardware.

Hyperconvergence is a step forward in the use of IT infrastructure virtualization, it allows you to create software-defined (SD) data centers where all features can be automated, controlled and programmed by administrators through local or remote consoles.

It is no coincidence that hyperconvergence meets the most current needs for flexibility of IT services and that many companies look to it for the modernization of the information infrastructure.

An evolutionary direction of IT that pushes IT vendors to offer modular modular hardware solutions equipped with software for managing data centers in SD logic. Beyond the hyperconverged data center solutions offered by vendors such as Cisco, Dell and HPE and others, the market offers software platforms that can be used to achieve the same capabilities with existing or multivendor hardware.

The hyperconvergence market is now mature and sees a continuous development of solutions that allow easier use of converged capabilities even in the most complex data centers. While on the hardware front, hyperconvergence can take advantage of faster NVMe storage interfaces and 16-28 core processing nodes equipped with the latest generation of Intel Xeon processors, sophisticated management capabilities are added in the software field. network, provisioning and above all security.It is no longer a problem to manage the most critical application loads, which require effective segregation from others.

Management automation is not, thanks to the integration of new advanced analytical and ML / AI capabilities into the platforms, for performance monitoring and proactive problem solving.

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