How to choose the right cloud provider for us

Today unforeseen market situations, rising energy and raw material costs make it necessary to eliminate inefficiencies in companies, accelerating digital transformation with the use of all available resources. Starting with the cloud, a means with which it is possible to guarantee the flexibility and innovation of IT, mature to support core-business tasks in every business sector, as demonstrated by the many projects in the fields of utilities, manufacturing, retail and more recently also in the insurance and banking fields.

Services of Saas, Iaas, Paas, Faas in the cloud energize the new information technology which, according to data from the Digital Innovation Observatories of the Politecnico di Milano, reached a value of 3.84 billion euros in 2021 and which, in time of the pandemic, has grown by 16% in the last year. With the development of the cloud, it is now possible to have both bare-metal resources to host virtual machines and data storage of critical environments such as banking, and complete CRM, ERP and individual productivity applications (Office365) to be used in distributed mode, without the need for a data center and people in charge of management.

Through the cloud services it’s also possible to access high-performance computing functions to carry out scientific simulations, such as warehousing / data-lake, advanced analytical processing, machine learning and artificial intelligence, image and voice recognition. All this without facing expensive infrastructural investments, paying for “on-demand” services through a multiplicity of formulas based on the number of users, the time / quantity of resources, amount of data and the number of calls to specific functions.

In choosing the cloud service provider, the best strategy is the one that allows the company not to have to choose, that is, to be able to change supplier. Beyond the more standardized basic services, each provider boasts its own specializations and technological excellence, which is why it is advantageous to adopt multi-cloud logic in order to have the freedom to choose the innovative or most convenient services in contracts.

BinHexS has cloud computing and private cloud projects in its portfolio for companies that want to outsource part or all of their IT infrastructure, created with an agnostic approach to the choice of providers. BinHexS can manage networks, security and offer the necessary support services.

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