Redesigning disaster recovery with cloud services

Among the strategies to guarantee the continuity of IT services, disaster recovery is by far the most effective, until a few years ago reserved almost exclusively for critical services of banks and large entities. In its most classic form, disaster recovery is achieved by having one or more alternative sites with the resources to replace, in case of unavailability, those of the main site. Shadow data center sites equipped with servers, storage, network, and security units, as well as specialized personnel for their management. Since physical resources alone are not enough to guarantee operations, backup sites must have the same applications present in the main site, always updated and synchronized in real-time with operational data to minimize or completely eliminate the losses of data and transactions in the emergency takeover.

Although expensive to implement, disaster recovery offers valid protection from the most disparate disastrous events that can affect a data center, from natural to malicious ones, up to cybercrime attacks. The real novelty is the fact that today, thanks to the most advanced virtualization technologies and the availability of cloud resources, it has become possible to implement effective disaster recovery strategies affordably even for medium and small businesses.

The ability to continuously synchronize operational data with cloud storage services, to keep the images of the applications in use in logical container structures (with Docker, VMware, and other technologies), to quickly recreate the necessary resources on-demand in the cloud to replace those unavailable at the main site, they allow you to get all the benefits of disaster recovery without having to keep busy shadow sites and expensive resources. BinHexS offers targeted cloud computing and private cloud services for companies that want to modernize their data center and strengthen service availability. BinHexS offers an agnostic approach to the choice of providers, the ability to create network infrastructures, and to guarantee security, offering support services with 24×7 availability.

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