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Data protection and ransomware defense

Security continues to be a source of concern for Italian companies, for many good reasons. According to the latest findings published by the Trend Micro Observatory, last May the country ranked first in Europe (and sixth in the world) in the unenviable ranking of ransomware attacks suffered. Out of something like 1,336,000 ransomware attacks surveyed globally, Italy recorded 4.44%. Worldwide, only the United States (with 19.82% of the total), Turkey (12.13%), Japan (5.81%), Taiwan (5.73%), and India ( 5.71%). In Italy, cybercriminals have targeted, in particular, five sectors (in order): public administration, healthcare, services, manufacturing companies, and banking services.

With the use of mixed techniques, such as sending e-mails or SMS from counterfeit senders, links to phishing sites, and social engineering, cybercriminals have created the bridgeheads to infect systems, seize the archives of local data using cryptographic encryption, and then send ransom requests to regain access to the data. The operational shutdown and the burden of payment are not the only damages suffered by companies and entities that have been affected by the ransomware. In some cases the data is not recovered, in others, it ends up for sale on the dark web or used as a bargaining chip for the illicit activities of other criminal groups. The latter risk is made evident today by the complaints collected by the Privacy Guarantor who, in accordance with the European GPRS regulation, must be informed in the event of the leakage of sensitive personal data, under penalty of heavy fines. Ransomware attacks that are successful or thwarted by backing up data are evidence of the fragility of the protections, the inability to detect minor violations, and the study activities of the systems preceding the attacks. Skills that require prompt reactions to alarms and user reports.

BinHexS offers complete managed security solutions, with the use of antivirus, anti-malware, policy enforcement, and access control tools for the most diverse endpoints. Capabilities that are added to the consulting and implementation support for business continuity and service desk solution.

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