Edge Computing simboli

IT evolution meets edge computing

There are many situations today in which, due to network latency issues or the amount of data involved, the elaboration must be performed as close as possible to the sources or to the users, whether it is humans or machines. These are the contexts of the use of edge computing, often also described as a mesh infrastructure of small data centers, each capable of processing and managing their own local data in coordination with the corporate data center or with data repositories and cloud services. An architecture that meets the new application needs for optimizing the processes that require actions in real-time, for example, in manufacturing and retail. A market, that of edge computing, which according to IDC analysts’ estimates in 2022 will grow by 15% compared to 2021 to reach the value of 176 billion dollars globally. A growth that accompanies the use of smart sensors and IoT, which creates a gap between the ability to collect and analyze data and the use, also automated, of insights for business purposes.

Edge computing allows to manage actions intelligently and fast locally, identify problems and solve them quickly. In production areas, edge computing can improve safety by avoiding accidents and waste of materials. In retail by improving customer experience, recommending products of likely interest, and reducing downtime in remote links. Other applications may concern the recognition of images, of the voice for quality control purposes in factory production, surveillance, access security, and other critical services where it is not possible to depend on the availability and performance of wide area networks.

BinHexS has gained significant experience in IT modernization projects in the manufacturing and retail sectors that concern architecture design and implementation in both traditional and hybrid multi-cloud IT environments. BinHexS also offers specific IT support and help desk services for geographically distributed organizations.

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