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Unleashing the potential of data and IT in healthcare

The digital transformation applied to the world of healthcare brings both the promise of improving the quality of services to citizens and speeding up the search for better therapies and pharmacological cures. It is indeed from the collection, classification, and analysis of data produced by modern diagnostic systems collected along the paths of patients that the most effective therapies for different types of patients can be identified, the use of healthcare resources can be optimized and, in general, progress in scientific and pharmaceutical research fields can be ensured. A potential that today remains largely untapped due to the backwardness of information systems and the siled segregation of health data, with major barriers to sharing without even having valid protections in terms of security and privacy. A limit that can be overcome thanks also to the 15.6-billion euro funding provided by “mission 6” of the NRRP dedicated to the digitization of Healthcare. An opportunity for an infrastructural renewal capable of connecting all players in the local supply chain to improve services, efficiency, and to support research.

Which tools are needed for digital healthcare? First of all, the tools for integrating, archiving, and searching for data from the most disparate sources: laboratory tests, diagnostic images, videos, medical records, and other significant documents. This is possible by acquiring interfaces to the numerous protocols, both owned and standard, in use in the healthcare world, therefore highly multi-model database systems scalable for archiving the management of event logics with which
to automate, for example, hospitalization processes, discharge or transfer of patients to other healthcare facilities. Security features, selection, and anonymization of data make it possible to let the portals for patients and healthcare operators work, as well as to provide the systems for the administrative management of the structures and to support research in epidemiology and pharmaceutical fields.

BinHexS has acquired great experience in the modernization of data center and security systems, fields in which it can manage all phases of projects, from design implementation, to on-premise and cloud infrastructures. BinHexS provides data center and network services management locally and remotely, integrating the client’s capabilities both in terms of skills and of service windows with 24×7 availability 365 days during the year.

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