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Disaster Recovery and Resilience to Cyberattacks

In the age of online business, disaster recovery remains an indispensable safeguard for protecting IT systems and business operations. A trivial failure, as well as a cyber-attack, can render data and applications inaccessible, halting the operations of individual departments or the entire company, resulting in significant economic and reputational damage with customers and suppliers. Business continuity today cannot be ensured by safeguarding data (backup) alone while neglecting key aspects of cybersecurity. This attention must accompany the availability of systems for recovery, technical personnel called to perform the required actions, according to updated and proven contingency plans.

Restoring operations in disaster recovery may be impossible within the expected RTO (recovery time objective) timeframe when enterprise systems have been compromised by malware attacks or by configuration or software vulnerabilities that have allowed them to be breached by cyber criminals. A situation in which large companies and entities affected by ransomware attacks have found themselves in the past months. A type that now accounts for 67% of all malware in circulation (source Clusit) recently enriched with new, more deleterious, targeted and aggressive replication techniques.

More effective protection from cyber-attacks requires an overhaul of disaster recovery approaches that ensure additional actions to remove risks and “clean systems” on which to restart. Updating incident management plans, the ability to employ software containers to encapsulate enterprise applications and make them quickly recoverable to virtualized resources in on premise or in the cloud are some of the options available to IT administrators to ensure they are not caught unprepared in the emergency. BinHexS has the skills and experience to consult, design and implement effective disaster recovery and data safeguard systems against new cyber risks. Projects using the best technologies on the market, within available implementation and maintenance budgets.

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