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The supports for A modern IT asset management

Italian and multinational companies often encounter major problems in managing the diverse universe of mobile, fixed, and accessory systems, network devices, software and services that serve to ensure effective digital supports for their employees. The dream of relying on IT assets that are easy to manage through consistent choices in technology and supply is shattered by the reality that today sees heterogeneous system solutions with different life cycles dominating, as well as the availability of different products and services depending on geographic areas.

Modern asset management must take into account these complexities along with the risks that can arise from crafting management with partial coverage or insufficient resources. To the productivity losses of individuals or downtime of entire departments due to poorly managed problems, can be added the unpredictable damage of data loss as a result of poor configurations or quality differences in available media. To that, it is added the increasing risk of cyber attacks, resulting in an alignment of the security of the entire corporate network to the weakest link in the chain.

It goes without saying the importance of ensuring careful management of IT assets that includes maximum attention to user reports of problems and the emergence of new requirements. This is with the dual purpose of promptly identifying trouble spots before they can translate into inefficiencies and preventing solutions adopted independently by users, often in violation of policy and, in any case, without the technical expertise and overview of the risks they entail both operationally and in terms of data security. This is why it is important to take charge of end-user hardware and software issues and provide assistance in using digital assets in compliance with security rules for workstations. User feedback also helps in identifying training gaps to be filled.

BinHexS provides remote management services for workstations and other IT assets through point-to-point connections or via VPN; services that are in addition to the service desk provided via telephone. In the retail environment, BinHexS provides extended management supports to the cash, payment (POS) instruments and vertical software deployed, including on-site interventions on a 24×7 and multilingual basis for multinational entities. They are accompanied by services for software upgrades, supports for new implementations and staff training.

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