BinHexS People grow: new Managers appointed

Today we want to dedicate a few lines to some of BinHexS key figures – the BinHexS People – and share compliments with them on their achievements: we congratulate Yves Agbessi, Leonardo Buttiglione, Luca Lavezzi, and Giuseppe Scafuri for receiving new titles and taking on new relevant roles within the company. They are four veterans, each with their own path and story.

We asked them about their stages in BinHexS, what will be their main responsibilities and how many people are part of their team, as well as finding out what challenges and goals they want to achieve. We also spiced things up a bit to find out some side of their character – which might not make everyone go crazy with joy! Finally, we wish them many years of satisfaction and success ahead in BinHexS!

BinHexS People: Yves Agbessi picture

Name: Yves Agbessi

Age: 33

Role: IT Retail Service Manager

Yves Agbessi has been with the company since 2011, he was 21 when he joined, and has experienced tremendous personal and professional growth. At that time, he was part of the Retail team as a Service Desk Technician and, after a short period when he left BinHexS to focus on a professional external consulting project, he took on the role of IT Retail Focal Point Representative. A few days ago he was officially appointed IT Retail Service Manager.

What are the main tasks of the IT Retail Service Manager?

Y: “I am in charge of leading the Retail department in managing the service to its Customers, organizing the work, outlining goals but most importantly trying to build a close-knit team, inspiring and motivating people to achieve their goals. It is definitely a managerial role as well as constant work on people. the Team consists of 30 technicians, so the responsibilities are many.”

What are the challenges of your new role?

Y: “Being such a large department, there is a risk of losing the team spirit; therefore, my main vision is to work on people, communication and organization, training my staff and bringing innovation to departmental processes.”

One of your flaws and one of your virtues…

Y: “I consider myself to be a good listener, in the sense that I can take in the needs of my collaborators, both on a technical level but especially on a human level. A flaw, which could also become a virtue, is being very demanding and stubborn in my vision, perhaps sometimes a bit too much: this means that I can leave room for others, but for me it is always essential to define ‘tracks’ as if they were guidelines to follow.”

BinHexS People: Leo Buttiglione picture

Name: Leonardo Buttiglione

Age: 48

Role: IT Software Support and Development Manager

Leonardo has been working in BinHexS since 2010, when the company had been born for only 3 years, and together with his colleague Giuseppe Scafuri, he was the pioneerof the first BinHexS Retail Dept. After a period of on-site support started in 2015 at a major BinHexS Customer in fashion & luxury, Leo shifted to the technical and development side, leading programming, and activities not in charge of the Service Desk. This created a need within the company to structure an ad hoc department to deal with programming and development.

What are the main tasks of the IT Software Support and Development Manager?

L: “At the moment I am working on building the background and gathering requirements to lay the foundation for a functional department, since the team is still being built internally and there are some rather impactful activities to follow related to a Customer, namely warehouse automation tasks and generic ERP activities. There are already four of us within the group, including myself, and the figures are quite young, so we are also working hard on training.”

What are the challenges of your new role?

L: “The biggest challenge in my opinion is to position ourselves as a reference for internal innovation of technologies and systems, as well as getting to create new business opportunities.”

Tell us one of your flaws and one virtue…

L: “I am an empathetic and proactive person in understanding the Client’s needs, also I adapt easily to changes, welcoming challenges. Concerning flaws… I am a person who does not like to be the center of attention, let’s say I am quite shy.”

BinHexS People: Luca lavezzi

Name: Luca Lavezzi

Age: 45

Role: Purchasing & Logistics Manager

Luca joined the company in its early days, in 2008, dealing with the contact with Customers on quotes and doing maintenance on the Service Desk ticketing platform introduced in its first version. Around 2012 he started to follow projects, such as relocation, refitting and new opening activities for Clients, especially for an important reality in the optical sector, gradually leaving the operational part in favor of the role of PM coordinator. Later, with the development of the BinHexS logistics area, he became the Manager. A few weeks ago, he was appointed Purchasing Manager, deputed to develop and integrate the new business area into the processes.

What are the main tasks of the Purchasing Manager?

L: “There will be three of us in the team, and basically we will be in charge of gathering the suppliers under one database with related information, in order to maximize the final service we offer to the Client.”

What are the biggest challenges related to the role?

L: “I think there are three main objectives: first, creating a network of reliable partners worldwide, which is also the most challenging goal. Then, knowing how to minimize internal management costs. Finally, setting up the department with logical flows that allow it to be more responsive both internally and externally, for example, implementing an audit structure through new tools.”

What are your main flaws and virtues while working?

L: “My virtue is also my main flaw: I am punctilious, so I always expect excellence from everyone, and sometimes this can be counterproductive. You have to learn to accept that everyone has their own way of working, and also it is not always possible to achieve the best.”

Giuseppe Scafuri BinHexS people profile picture

Name: Giuseppe Scafuri

Age: 41

Role: Sales Manager

Giuseppe, aka Scaf, has been with BinHexS for 13 years. He has grown as an IT Retail Manager, creating the department from scratch and structuring it by Customers and skills. With a technical background, Scaf’s dream was to work in the sales department to get to know Customers and work in the all-around negotiation phase.

What are the main responsibilities of the Sales Manager?

G: “My role requires coordinating the Sales Team and sales back office, reporting directly to the Sales Director. I am responsible for negotiations and manage close relationships with Clients and prospects, with the goal of providing them with the best possible solutions.”

What are the main challenges?

G: “Right now the primary goal is to structure the department as efficiently as possible, generating synergistic flows with the other business and operational areas.”

One of your flaws and one of your virtues…

G: “I am a person who likes to team up and give independence to my collaborators: if ideas and grit are there, everyone can work at their best. Delegating is almost never a problem, and I surround myself with trusted collaborators. If we talk about flaws, I am a person who likes to be at the center of the hurricane, and this leads me to show off.”

BinHexS is a reality in motion: it continues to grow and evolve. So do its people, who are the engine of change. People create new opportunities and make their own imprint for the future of the company – that’s why we like to call each other BinHexS People!