managed security

Managed Security Services: why you cannot miss out

Business Security is increasingly complex

The growing complexity of modern information infrastructures is creating serious problems in guaranteeing security, even in more structured companies in terms of resourced workingin IT teams and skills. Besides, the continuous evolution of cyber threats requires specialized personnel who are continuously updated on new attack methods and protection measures. To guarantee high levels of security, it is necessary to continuously monitor what is happening on systems and networks to promptly intervene in the event of suspicious activities or attacks already in progress to minimize the consequences. In many companies, especially SMEs, it is not possible to reconcile working hours or the availability of resources with the most adequate levels of protection.

Security Operation Center

Managed Security: what is it and what’s the SOC role

Today the most natural solution to the mentioned problems consists of managed security services. This means protection against cyber-attacks is entrusted to an external partner, capable of making economies of scale, thus providing more affordable expertise and resources used for security, both for day-by-day control activities and for emergency management. The most crucial resource is made up of the SOC (security operation center), a 24×7 available center, which deals in real-time with the control and management of defenses remotely, through software agents and dedicated appliances on company networks and systems. The SOC detects alarms relating to intrusions, anomalous accesses, malware circulation, or vulnerability exploits and implements safeguarding interventions such as, for example, system isolation or firewall reconfiguration. In the SOC, expert technicians who cooperate with the international security community receive reports on new threats circulating on a global scale and can promptly implement counter-preventive actions.

BinHexS Service: Security Management

With the Security Management service, BinHexS offers a complete solution for managed security, capable of covering the multiplicity of defense components: firewall, antivirus, anti-malware, policy enforcement, and access control systems. The service is supported by BinHexS consultancy and implementation skills in the field of security and business continuity in general.