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How to rule the supply chain and services in the retail world

The Supply Chain at the heart of Retail Innovation

Digital innovation in companies today is much more than simply digitizing internal work processes or eliminating paper folders from archives. The innovation lies in the ability to use digital data to gain a competitive advantage, making the company more agile and quick to change, more transparent, easier to govern, and ready for new businesses. In the retail sector, digital innovation affects supply chain management, making it necessary to centralize data and automate processes through faster interchange with third parties.

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The Challenges of Retail Innovation

A challenge that requires overcoming the barriers created by differences in tools and, very often, also in people’s digital culture. It is faced with on-premise or cloud solutions to normalize and manage information flows to have a systemic vision of the activities that concern the supply chain and therefore invest in process automation. But not only. With integrated data accessible in real-time, it becomes possible to use analytical systems to track sales trends and make forecasts.

The Solutions for the Evolution of the Retail Supply Chain

With the use of advanced analysis algorithms and artificial intelligence, it becomes possible to trigger automatic actions based on significant events. For example, to send notifications when a stock is about to run out or directly manage the reordering of products. The system ability to analyze and correlate external information in real-time allows for much more precise forecasts. Beyond better business management, digital integration helps put the customer and their needs first for the best customer experience.

Support and Improvement Systems with the Right IT Partners

Hybrid or cloud ERP applications today offer the ability to integrate data and introduce automation into supply chain processes, benefiting from the capabilities of machine learning to learn from data and AI to act directly or suggest the most effective actions. Thanks to IT expertise and a global network of partners, BinHexS can support large retail networks in the innovation of digital systems, both central and in-store equipment: servers, clients, networks, cash, and POS systems. BinHexS has the resources to take care of full installations and updates, employee training, and manage helpdesk services with 24×7 coverage 365 days a year.