A season of sport in BinHexS with Nuvolì AltaFratte

BinHexS loves sport, The company got to know the volleyball team Nuvolì AltaFratte sideways from the world of technology, which company employees experience every day but, finding itself in agreement with the team spirit and tenacity of the yellow-blue team, decided to enter into a pact of mutual support.

foto di squadra nuvolì altafratte

BinHexS wants to give young talent a voice and bring attention to this sport, volleyball, which is a symbol of female solidarity, strength and creativity. Because there are still too few women in the tech world, but we believe they have the power to make things better. So what better union than with the girls of Nuvolì AltaFratte, who become an emblem of how much the company believes in women’s power?

A short history of Nuvolì AltaFratte…

The AltaFratte team was founded in 1972 in the province of Padua as a parochial reality, to continue with excellent results until today, qualifying at the top of the standings for the B1 series last season. Thanks to such successes, it now makes its first debut in the A2 FIPAV series for the 2023-2024 season. The team has its home in the sports hall in Trebaseleghe, in the province of Padua.

…and of BinHexS, which supports sports in all its forms

BinHexS is a company founded in 2006 by the spirit of innovation of its three partners, which focuses on bringing to life IT projects for Retail and Corporations through a tailor-made approach. At the heart of our values there is teamwork, which is why we support sports entities such as Nuvolì AltaFratte and are committed to social work through the children association I Bambini delle Fate.