formazione digitale nel retail

Addressing the digital training of store staff

Store staff and their background of human and digital training

In addition to the human qualities (soft skills) that are indispensable for empathizing with customers and helping with purchases, shop staff today must possess a wealth of digital skills to effectively carry out their duties. They must know how to handle digital devices such as computers, tablets, smartphones, and POS and therefore be familiar with the related operating systems, web browsers, as well as with the most common productivity applications. Staff must be able to communicate with customers and colleagues via email, instant messaging, and popular collaboration and conferencing tools. We also need awareness of the use of digital tools and precautions to keep IT threats, phishing, and malware away, and to protect the shop and customer data. This means that it is essential for companies to take into account the need of digital training of their store staff.

digital training of store staff - word training seen through magnifier

The digital skill set in the world of online marketing

In addition to the ability to use systems and applications well, store personnel must know how to search for information on the web to respond to customer questions in an informed manner, find useful ones to understand market trends, and make more effective decisions for assortments. In the era of social media and digital marketing, it has become important to make good use of these tools to promote products and services or to comply with the policies imposed by brands. If the shop owns an e-commerce, the staff will have to know the interfaces for entering products and managing orders and returns with a view to an increasingly omnichannel relationship with the customer.

Retail store staff training through digital tools

Today’s Training takes advantage of digital tools capable of overcoming the problems of time availability and movement of people in traditional classroom courses. The e-learning supports offer great flexibility in the management of contents and verifications; sets of teaching modules and video-pills allow training to be adapted to different retail realities and make practical examples that, for instance, concern behaviors more understandable. The further resource consists of gamification, a teaching methodology that uses game techniques to facilitate emotional involvement in people. In addition to consultancy and services for the digital updating of store systems and applications, BinHexS offers support for staff training to international retail customers. In addition to training on custom solutions adopted by the customer, BinHexS also provides help desk services to support operational problems.