Your go-to Technological Partner

Through the optimisation of IT processes and the implementation of the most innovative solutions, BinHexS accompanies its Customers on their expansion journey.

The personalised approach, built on specific needs, together with the expertise of the technical department and the variety of services, allows BinHexS to respond promptly and effectively to every need, making them your go-to technological partner.

partner tecnologici

Accompanying Customers in the Third Millennium

BinHexs' goal is to provide the highest level of service possible, through comprehensive solutions to its Customers.

Expertise & Partnership

An extensive network of partnership, along with expertise and certifications, assure outstanding results.

Research of Excellence and Centrality of the Working Group

BinHexS aims for excellence in each of the services offered, regardless of their complexity and criticality.

BinHexS is an agile, flexible organisation, able to propose solutions tailored to the specific needs of Customers, encouraging, where appropriate, a creative approach in the design of solutions.

BinHexS’ policy is to carefully select personnel with the skills and enthusiasm necessary to achieve ambitious goals.


The result is a dynamic and continuously growing company, able to operate on technological infrastructures of all sizes.

eccellenza binhexs

The team

founding partner and administrative director

Having completed his studies in electronics and computer science, Mr. Pinciroli began to grow his business activity and passion for everything related to the IT world. Professional interest is enhanced and complemented thanks also to perseverance and enthusiasm in the sporting practice that has always be a part of his life; strength and determination have been leading him to become a passionate Triathlete with the dream of crossing an IronMan finish line; such characteristics have also guided him throughout his professional and working life. As a freelance professional he specialized in counselling on projects with different degrees of complexity, realization of turnkey IT systems, server consolidation, virtualization and IT security. These steps have lead him in 2006 to establish with his partners the company BinHexS Srl, where he held the position of Administrative Director. With the same degree of dedication and commitment, he embarked on a new path, focusing on the company's strategic issues and the overall management of financial assets.

founding partner and technical director

Mr. Seminara approached computer science at amateur level in the early nineties and immediately got passionate about it. His main interests are mainly related to programming and to the study of computer networks. In a short time, computer science also became a profession and he began to work as a consultant for various companies, focusing, in particular, on servers and storage infrastructures. At the same time, he focused his attention on the study of technologies with which it came into contact and acquired the skills necessary to manage both project design stage and project implementation stage. In 2006 he established together with his partners, the company BinHexS, and held the role of technical director. Since then, he has been sharing his time between management and supervising company projects and technical activities at customers’ premises.

founding partner and commercial director

Mr. Giorgio Guidi began working for the IBM company in the 80s where he gained experience and soon became Sales Representative for the Lombardy Base Market Branch. He specialized in fashion & luxury solutions and manufacturing, and his career grew steadily over the years until he reached the peak of his carrier in 2003 by accessing the prestigious “100% Sales” IBM Circle. The breakthrough however came in 2006 when, together with his partners, he founded the company BinHexS. So he placed his huge experience to work, by signing international and multi-year agreements to assist the stores of the most famous brands of Fashion and specialized in the sale of complete solutions and particularly complex projects. Binhexs is today his pride, a company that can count on over 150 employees, whose average growth rate is about 9% a year and provides IT support services worldwide 24/7, 365 days a year.


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