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How IT retail specialists work to ensure digital store operations

Today’s retail world is among those most challenged by digital transformation. Time-to-market, competitiveness, and the evolution of customer relationships are inextricably linked to the need for up-to-date, reliable, and well-managed IT support. A need that does not often find adequate answers among the majority of infrastructure providers or IT services due to a lack of specific knowledge about the needs of the point of sale and the ability to operate at all levels on geographically distributed stores, both in Italy and abroad.

Yves Agbessi, IT Retail Service Manager for store operations
Yves Agbessi, IT Retail Service Manager

IT Store specialists for retail operations

“The store has peculiar needs that we have learned to understand and manage through years of collaboration with very demanding international retail groups, starting with fashion industry companies,” explains Yves Agbessi, IT retail manager at BinHexS. “These companies rely on our services to ensure the operationality of digital systems and the effectiveness of processes that accompany the end customer from the moment they enter the store until they leave.”

From A to Z: projects and store support

What are we talking about exactly? “About processes supporting sales, product life cycle management, inventory, POS payments, and receipt issuance” Agbessi clarifies. “Then there are activities for launching new stores in Italy and abroad, ranging from hardware procurement to configuration and commissioning. Activities that BinHexS carries out by managing suppliers chosen by the client, logistics and other aspects, such as the correct positioning of electric outlets and cables during construction activities, all while offering the client certain intervention and execution times, based on stipulated SLAs.”

BinHexS Retail Area

With the goal of focusing competencies and support activities, BinHexS has concentrated its retail point-of-sale support activities in the Retail Division over the past months. “Our Division is therefore the direct reference for all point-of-sale issues: whether they can be solved with remote support or when it is necessary to send technicians on-site” Agbessi points out. Furthermore, the BinHexS Retail Division plays operational roles in complex projects concerning the stores together with the central infrastructures of retail companies, collaborating with the Project Management Division and other internal divisions at BinHexS.

An omnichannel point of contact for IT retail operations

“Our clients highly value our ability to operate as a single point of contact for all point-of-sale issues” Agbessi notes. Issues that BinHexS addresses by acting as a first-level service desk also on application themes, thanks to experience gained on both digital platforms and the work of the store. “We are not just IT technicians but specialists in the application management and processes of the retail world. This allows us to provide immediate answers to the clerk who cannot complete an invoice or unlock a POS payment. Our observation point lets us understand not only technical problems but also operational ones, to discuss them with the client and find the optimal solutions together,” concludes Agbessi.