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How to handle IT assets without burdening the company

Now more than ever, digital infrastructures are crucial in supporting business operations. The opening of a new branch, commercial, or production office in Italy or abroad cannot be done without the availability of solid and reliable IT infrastructures. On the other hand, to remain functional, existing systems must keep pace with the developments of operating environments, applications, and cybersecurity defense needs (considering the threats of ransomware) through continuous updates.

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Staging and logistics services at the heart of the offer

New installations and updates are very costly activities for companies, on one hand, due to the lack of skills and internal staff dedicated to these tasks, and on the other hand due to the need to manage different suppliers for systems, software, and services, with the risk of encountering chain delays and operational blocks if something goes wrong. “These are very common concerns nowadays,” testifies Luca Lavezzi, purchasing & logistics manager at BinHexS, “which we began to address years ago; when one of our client companies, engaged in opening new stores, asked us to create a lab to receive IT equipment to prepare and then send to the destination sites ready for use. Since then, we have structured ourselves with full-time people to manage both the logistics component and the staging and configuration aspects on behalf of our clients.”

360° supply chain management

Today, the logistic and technical hub of BinHexS handles something like 16,000 packages a year. It can receive IT components directly from the clients’ suppliers, maintain stock even in large quantities, manage specific configuration, installation, and testing operations so it can deliver the solutions, already ready for use and at the right time, to the destination sites both in Italy and abroad. Services with which BinHexS relieves its clients from the burdens of managing an increasingly articulated and complex supply chain that would require excessively impactful governance. “Services that we realize with industrial means and quality, appreciated by large enterprises that entrust us with the tasks of scheduled replacement of PCs and smartphones on installed bases that count thousands of user devices. Replacements that occur quickly and painlessly, thanks also to our ability to accompany them with Service Desk support to the end users: a service provided remotely, available in multiple languages and around the clock,” concludes Lavezzi.