Interview to Filippo Squeo, HR Manager at Binhexs

When companies face structural changes and major growth processes in both business and personnel, it becomes crucial to build a strong HR department.

As such scenarios are underway in Binhexs, this area increasingly represents a central pillar of the company, because it allows for the management of one of the company’s main assets, if not the load-bearing one: the people, those who perform the services and express through their work the values of Binhexs.

We asked the company’s human resources manager, Filippo Squeo, for some insights on Binhexs, and some advice on how to approach the world of HR, for those who would like to embark on a career path in this area.

Life in Binhexs according to Filippo Squeo

Interviewer (Verdiana): How long have you been at Binhexs and what do you deal with in your typical day?

Filippo: “I have been with the company since January 2023, so almost a year and a half. I deal with “managing” the people within it and defining the long-term strategy in order to contribute to the improvement of the company’s performance and the well-being of its employees. I have a 360-degree view of employees’ lives, as well as cover topics ranging from questions concerning internal growth opportunities to those concerning the internal dynamics of the individual department.

I liaise a great deal with managers to make corporate departments more functional and constantly improve, and I have a direct relationship with the board of directors to compare notes on high-level strategy.

Definitely part of my days is also dedicated to the management of the internal team, which is composed of two other people: Desirèe Catone, who is in charge of the documental, bureaucratic and relationship part with some external suppliers, and Marta Buoncristiani, who is mainly involved in the search and selection of personnel and in the ‘updating of the database related to candidates. Then there are also all the external stakeholders with whom I interface periodically, such as the training providers, the welfare agency, the payroll consultants, the company attorney, the RSPP, etc.”

Values that are important to Binhexs

What are the values and ideas that Binhexs should convey to its employees and Clients, in your opinion?

FS: “As I am working in human resources, the value that, in my opinion, should embrace a little bit of all businesses, not just Binhexs, is professionalism: that is, the fact that people feel calm and serene about entrusting tasks to the company itself, knowing that then the goal is achieved: this applies as much to Clients who entrust us with tasks, as it does to our employees. In fact, between colleagues, it is crucial that there is mutual trust and knowing that we can count on each other to carry out tasks well. All this, in my opinion, is especially true for us as a consulting and services company, which is based par excellence on team spirit and mutual trust.

Another important principle is respect for rules: I realize this is a very HR concept, but giving ourselves common rules and abiding by them allows us to live in harmony and create a positive and purposeful business environment.”

Advice never hurts…

One piece of advice you would give to Binhexs corporate workers, in your experience…

FS: “The advice I would give is to be open to communication and always remain “professionally curious” about other company roles. This does not end with merely listening to one’s departmental colleagues, but goes far beyond that, questioning and analyzing even what is happening outside one’s own range, because this allows one to have, in the short to medium term, a broader view of the company and, above all, to understand company dynamics more deeply, allowing one to grow both as workers and as people.”

Working in HR according to Filippo Squeo, HR Manager at Binhexs

One piece of advice you would give instead to those working in HR…

FS: “From my experience in HR, the advice I would give is to try to work on the development of one’s emotional intelligence, since business objectives by necessity pass through the environment in which we live, so we need to work on the right approach to be able to find the key to communicate effectively with different people at the right time, depending also on the roles and responsibilities of the interlocutors in front of us. Otherwise, you end up becoming trivial task performers and risk creating a disconnect with your employees, which is actually what we want to eliminate, since we HR are the main mediators between the voice of the people and the interests of the company, and we have to be able to satisfy both needs (as much as possible).”

Thanks to Filippo Squeo for the valuable exchange of ideas, which helps to offer insight into Binhexs both to those who work within it and to those who want to get to know us better.