orchestratore kubernetes e container

Software container technologies like open source Docker and Kubernetes orchestrator can make your IT team’s job faster and easie. Repetitive and complex …


The methods that change the work of IT teams making it more suitable for the time-to-market needs of the new digital business: agile, CD / CI, DevOps and DevSecOps

binhexs security

The cloud makes it easy to find state-of-the-art IT resources for the time-to-market of business projects. Provided you have a hybrid and multicloud management

sicurezza informatica

Ransomware, phishing and other threats can do serious damage to businesses if they don't take advantage of time to update tools, processes and skills. Let's see together how

espansione mercati esteri

BinHexS experiences and success stories in the provision of IT and cash services for foreign retail stores of major Italian fashion and luxury brands


With software-defined data centers (SDDCs), IT teams can manage the infrastructure at an abstraction level and take advantage of the benefits of automation


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