Virtualizzazione delle reti aziendali

Virtualization is the today basis of flexible and automated network services, managed with a high level of abstraction


Mobile connectivity is increasingly necessary for the use of most of the devices used today for work or for fun, both in …

sicurezza endpoint

With the spread of online work as a tool for modern business flexibility and protection during a pandemic emergency, endpoint security has …

convergenza e iperconvergenza

What characterizes converged and hyperconverged infrastructures, and why they represent the evolution of the data center’s defined software and cloud management Converged …

disaster recovery e backup

Today’s business is increasingly digital and cannot tolerate interruptions in the operation of systems or data losses. The price to pay is …

opex capex

More and more companies are moving towards cloud solutions, adopting their services for important parts of their digital infrastructure, combining and appraising them with their data center and efficient IT teams.


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