sicurezza informatica

Ransomware, phishing and other threats can do serious damage to businesses if they don't take advantage of time to update tools, processes and skills. Let's see together how

espansione mercati esteri

BinHexS experiences and success stories in the provision of IT and cash services for foreign retail stores of major Italian fashion and luxury brands


With software-defined data centers (SDDCs), IT teams can manage the infrastructure at an abstraction level and take advantage of the benefits of automation

Virtualizzazione delle reti aziendali

Virtualization is the today basis of flexible and automated network services, managed with a high level of abstraction


Mobile connectivity is increasingly necessary for the use of most of the devices used today for work or for fun, both in …

sicurezza endpoint

With the spread of online work as a tool for modern business flexibility and protection during a pandemic emergency, endpoint security has …


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